Mamour Edits to Style Your Pearls the Maximalist Way

The timeless beauty of pearls has been transcending through time. From the iconic Audrey Hepburn to multi-talented Harry styles, they expressed the beauty of pearls in a way that remained a remarkable ode to the pearls, which proves— pearls can never go out of style. When it's jewelry, the novelty of pearls is that it is always something distinct— the pearls have been coveted and will be coveted for generations to come. Pearl Jewelry is adored by many and has been styling them passionately. Pick out authentic pearls that are a long-lasting asset in your large jewelry box.

Know your pearls:

 When shopping for pearls— it is crucial to understand — which pearl; is true or false. The original pearls are mostly; cultured –at an oyster farm. A  small piece of shell — is inserted into an oyster or mussel, which then secretes a smooth layer called "nacre"-- around the irritant until an iridescent, lustrous pearl is formed. False pearls– are manufactured by machines using glass or other synthetic materials.

The kinds of pearls:

Baroque Pearls

Derive from the Portuguese word "Barocco," — the unevenly shaped freshwater pearls are regarded as "baroque,” which denotes a flawed, rough, or uneven pearl. A multitude of uniquely irregularly shaped freshwater pearls falls under the term baroque— which makes them particularly popular in Victorian jewelry.

Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater pearls are silky, luxurious, and glisten when the light falls and — exist in various hues, figures, and sizes.

Seed Pearls

Tiny freshwater pearls called "seed pearls" weigh one-fourth of grain and have a diameter of less than 2 mm.

Below are a few looks that we curated for you to make you stand out in our pearls.

For a versatile minimalist romantic date look — Don a Jacquemus satin drape dress with Alchemist Bracelet, Emiri Earrings, Chorus Organic Pearl Necklace, and a pair of Mach and Mach.


Enjoy a Wednesday brunch with your gals in a pink halter neck summer Jacquemus dress with a cute  Jacquemus Le Bambino Long along with Gigi Earrings,  The Melody Pearl bracelet,  and a  Clarice Cross Pearl Ring.


The cargo Prada pants for Friday night are 'it'—with a Jacquemus crop top and a blue Le Ciuciu adding sass and accessories Ocean's Link Necklace,  Luna Crescent Earrings, The Holy Ritual Necklace.


A must-have minimalist look for the summer days: A white Stella McCartney summer dress— pair it with  Celestial Drops Pearl Earrings, Iris Pearl Solitaire Ring, and The Lava Pearl Solitaire Talisman Necklace.

Add a punch to a beach outfit with a yellow Prada tube top, Chloe skirt, La Sirène Baroque Necklace, The Baroque Poetry Earrings, and The Melody Pearl bracelet.

A Jacquemus LBD is an excellent dress to end the night with Marie Maison Pearl Earrings, Chorus Organic Pearl Necklace, and  Moira Pearl Necklace.

Delving into the cruise party look, cross the minimalist line with all Jacquemus look—tank top and graphic pants with jewelry Ivory Foam Earrings, Pearl Grotto Bracelet, L'écume Necklace.

Head for a brunch in a most maximalist dramatic manner with Caroline Constas printed dress with jewelry L'armure Pearl Solitaire Talisman Necklace, Ocèane Pearl Drop Earrings, €235, Poseidon Necklace.

Wrapping up the style edits with a cool grace of Prada boots, a Balenciaga top, and a Ba&sh satin skirt. Accessorized with silver metals for the city look Le Futur Link Silver Talisman Necklace, Astra Stud Silver Earrings, Brigitte Gemstones Silver Link Bracelet, Maya Necklace.

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