Souvenirs de Maharaja

Emerged from a buried desert of a deep-rooted antiquity and floating in the mirage of ocean in a monarchical heritage of the 18th century, the bijouterie collection “Souvenirs de Maharaja” has taken birth.

The raw amalgamation of history, emotion, perception, and art in the fragile canister of imagination in a regal land, the ensemble radiates a rare shine. Inaugurating a sparse language of expression in form of metal sensation. Raw craftsmanship with hand-touched embellishments carrying the soul of every delicate trinket in the collection, this is a tribute to the rich legacy from the Maharaja’s era.

A eulogy to the artistic bequest, ignited by the aura of a golden time with a princely touch the story begins. The bejewelled recital surrounds itself with novelty and sophistication while reminiscing the past. Appreciation of modern art with a hint of raw nature and a gala epoch of sheer royalty is the soul of this jewel-orchestra. Nostalgia being celebrated while unveiling a treasure trunk from the past with natural art infused within.