Mamour Paris Picks The Best Gift For Your Adored Ones, 500€ And Under

The alley to a person’s unforgettable recollections is jewelry. Gold earrings or gold bracelets, or perhaps some silver jewelry the dilemma of selecting a gift for adored ones is difficult; oval earring or small gold bracelet, it is complicated when we know them as they are either finicky or have everything, and we have just the collection of gifts that are perfect for your nit-picky sister, and also a contemporary jewelry 500€ and under.

The One Figure Who Guided You :

For the person who loves to enunciate no repeatedly to every gift, one mustn't need a joyous season but an opportunity to display your guardian that she -or- he- figure who embodies a champion in your life with a gift like The Night Escape Charm Necklace or statement earrings like Luna Crescent Earrings. Check out Mamour's collection starting from 250

 Luna Crescent Earrings,€105 | The Night Escape Charm Necklace, €110

Dawn Black Onyx Talisman Ring, €95 | Portunus Silver Ring ,€135 

The Jewel-Loving Sister:

The sister who breathes in perfection and exhales quintessence luxe, the one whose closet you always want to raid and is a lover of art, fashion, rings, more gold and pearl rings, necklaces and annoying you. For her pearl and gold hoops, rings like the felicity ring are just the perfect gift for her. Add your faves to the cart.

Felicity Ring,€160 | L'écume Necklace,€190

Primeval Soul Tabiz Necklace,€280 | Allouette Hoops Earrings,€60

The Mischievous Best Friend :

Whether it's the zodiac, talisman-loving fanatic or a lover of simplicity, they are sympathetic in your worst time and naughtiest in the happiest time, and they often buy you a mini gift for no reason. They possess instinctive skills that scrutinise our significant others and not-so-significant others and have more eclectic sense than the others. Mamour recommends Moira Pearl Necklace or jewelry with initials. Mamour picks under 500 euros.

Explore Alpha Charm Necklaces :

Explore Alpha Charm Necklaces

Turquoise Sky Rocks Talisman Ring, €60| Vitoria Pearl Bracelet,€150

Cosmic Wave Necklace,€450 | The Mystic's Link Bracelet, €60

The Oh-So-Beautiful Significant Other :

The one who awakens to your tangle of hair every day by the bed, and a dreadful whiff of breath but decides to be glued with you for the remainder of your existence, deserves the best pick from our collection. Mamour picks :

Poseidon Necklace, €165 Muriel Turquoise Talisman Ring,€160 

Your Comrade: Yourself

In the wake of struggles and happiness, the one that has built a whole new persona to quell the inner afflictions, and has achieved victory on several occasions or lost the crusade, you are entitled to a jewel that is worth memorable and admirable.

Rochelle Pearl Drops Earrings,€185The Molden Rocks Multicolor Gemstone Amulet,€175

Scylla Ring, €85 | Rocaille Gold Link Bracelet, €140

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