Amalfi 1962

Amalfi 1962

The Mamour Paris Spring Summer ‘22 collection is a time travel adventure, imagined in the idyllic 60’s of the Amalfi coasts. From the coral hues to the tangerine tint of dawn, the rainbow tourmaline rosary invokes a connection to nature. The trinkets are imagined for the artistic sunseekers among us, assisting in the reminiscence of the retro mediterranian summer. Zeus of art in the 60s, this town has been the muse for many, including us. The sensual chokers play with the capturing light that pierces through tourquoise waves. Engulf yourself in the lustre of the last ray of sunlight that transcends through the patient waters, finally bathed in Amalfi’s pastel hues. The meditative precious stones romance with the healing nature of Mamour’s ethereal mother-of-pearl.

The dominant, colourful depths of the sapphire sea and soaring waves embody the eternal nature of a woman’s audacious and free spirit. Amalfi’s cloudy whites diffuse into the collection’s freshwater pearls and emerging organic baroques, perfect for collectors of sun, shells and sea escapades. The coastal memories bring back the tint of ever-lasting romance which has filled many untouched canvasses with colours of ideas, dreams, art and love. The lustre of the organic pearls enriched with brazen shades of smoked amber infatuates the soul. The celestial combinations of benthic blues and coral blush amethyst flirts with Mamour’s biomorphic pearls. Some may say in a manner reminiscent of the waves flirting with the shore. The vintage summer pearls bring back the warmth of that golden sunlight. It is here that beauty becomes immortal.

An abditory of art and artists, Amalfi invokes a subtle and elegant homage to the soul of the collection. When infused with Mamour’s jewellery, the effervescence of the sea becomes divine inspiration, handcrafted to adorn the mythical skins in nature. The grace of Italian nostalgia and the passion of the divine feminity have led us to create an elysian collection. In necklaces, earrings and bracelets, style remains timeless and evokes a return to the sea. Mamour’s reflective designs are ultimately inspired by the marine-life-infused pallette and art déco inspirations. This collection carefuly utilisies a soulful combination of precious energised stones including tiger’s eye, pink and green amethysts, tourmaline, amazonite, moonstone and pearls. Each have been delicately handset on circular frames, sometimes forming a luxury orchestra of pearls in detail as if embraced by the sea.

This collection keeps in our hearts the polaroid memories of sea life, corals, ecumes, and dancing sillouettes of the sun. Each delightfully unites with the mystical Mediterranean sea waters.

Let’s take a trip back to the peachy Italian summers!

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