Our Craftsmanship

Let us take you through the artistic journey of the making of each of our creations.


The journey of each of our precious creations starts from our artistic source of inspiration and imagination. To create ‘Objets d’art’, modern heirloom pieces that signify a unique experience, of being unapologetic in one's self-expression and our creative process starts from this innate connection with this spirited uniqueness.

We are in love with the idea of imperfection and our designs aim to reflect the same through our unique pieces. Our collection and design inspiration comes from art and artists, paintings and sculptures, historical periods and art expressions, the sea and organic forms, travels, and literature. Through our designs, we love to convey stories of wonders, of audacity, of inclusivity and cultures, unique expressions and adventures, combining them all to make our ‘Objets d’Art’, Modern Heirlooms. All of these are creatively conveyed into our season's mood board and each of our pieces of creations in the finest craftsmanship.

The Design Process

Our passion for design starts with the idea of freedom, authenticity and a unique self expression of the wearer. This is the creative part that we love.

Our design process starts in Paris from Sharon’s studio, coordinating with Mamour’s creative team to create sketches to draw our inspirations and ideas that are brought into life - from simple outlines to full colour drawings - from 3D printing, to redefining and editing our designs over and over again until we achieve the desired appearance of our creations.


We work with experienced ateliers and family-run workshops that have decades of legacy and history of the most superior craftsmanship and gem expertise in the world, working with our talented artisans that perform handpicking, hand cutting the gemstones and handcrafting our precious creations with precision and expert know-how. We also provide bespoke craftsmanship services for our customers.

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India is known for its finest gemology know-how since the reign of the Maharajas and the Mughal Empire. All of our workshops in India are family-run, with over decades of family legacy and expertise in gem knowledge and know-how. We are inspired to encourage expert artisans who work with us while building on the family-feel of our business, always learning and improving together. Each of our precious gems are hand-picked from all over the world and handmade by our expert artisans.


We believe in the alliance of ethics, beauty and craftsmanship. We want to convey our vision of jewelry to you through creations that embody our values which means that emotion must be at the heart of our creations. For you to be able to wear, keep and care for your Mamour jewelry with pride, because it will represent values that are dear to you.

Our approach to jewelry is sustainability and respect of man and our environment. We achieve this through transparency and our role is to show you how.

So every day, we are committed to doing better than yesterday and finding new solutions for tomorrow.

Read more about our sustainability standards here.