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The all-time best-dressed street style celebrities— Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, and the Hadid sisters are the major connoisseur of styling jewelry; whether keeping it minimalist or going overboard while layering rings or necklaces, the trendsetting celebs are proponents in the fashion industry. Bringing back major traditions— the glossy Y2K era, the retro epoch of the 70s, cool 90s babe, the celebrities are giving us major looks to create with outfits and jewelry.


Hailey Bieber's casual edgy outfits always initiate ripples on social media. Wearing just a waistcoat with low-waisted beige pants, seize the New York city chic on your Pinterest mood board. The skill of stacking jewelry: Whether heading into New York City for a shoot or running errands in LA, the supermodel adds statement pieces that pronounce style.


haily beber

Jewelry: Paloma Gold Ring | Kratos Gemstones Talisman Ring | Inés Gold Ring, The Flexi Mystic Bracelet | Sierra Earrings

The runway supermodels Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid sport messy necks and a ring stacked flawlessly. The trick? Layering with a choker chain, a midi lariat necklace, and a long gold necklace, ear cuffs. A bracelet is a choice.

bella hadid

Jewelry: Allouette Hoops Earrings, Felicity Ring | Talisman Amphitrite Charm Necklace | Le Futur Link Gold Talisman Necklace | The Regal Crown Trinklet Necklace | Matrona Ring | Osiris Illusion Bracelet

gigi hadid

Jewelry: Positano Bracelet | Iris Pearl Solitaire Ring | La Sirène Baroque Necklace | Paloma Gold Ring | Retro Reverie Necklace | Poseidon Necklace | Celestial Drops Pearl Earrings


Channeling major 90's in just a tank top and high-waisted jeans, Hailey Bieber graces the streets in well-stacked jewelry choices, always nailing the street style on point. Opt for an Iro Tank Top and classic Celine jeans and design layers with Mamour's collection.

hailey bieber

Jewelry: Pierre Talisman Ring | Scylla Ring | Alchemist Bracelet | The Mystic's Link Bracelet | L'écume Necklace | and  Celine Gold Moon Earrings.


Ditch layering if the mood doesn't strike. Slip on a simple lariat necklace or a pearl choker over a denim dress. Stick to a mini-invasive staple statement look. Kendall Jenner pulls off a winning minimalist off-duty model attire that looks like no other.

hailey beiber

Jewelry:  Pierre Talisman Ring | Scylla Ring | Brittany Dome Ring | The Aphrodite Lariat Talisman Necklace | The Cece Orbit Hoops Earrings

Keep up with pearl trends, layered pearl necklaces are the go-to for a modern look as well as for a laid-back look.


Jewelry: Kratos Gemstones Talisman Ring | Inés Gold Ring | Giséle Double Layer Pearl Choker Necklace | The Lava Pearl Solitaire Talisman Necklace | Rocaille Gold Link Bracelet | Clarice Cross Pearl Ring | The Surrealist Hoops Earrings

Bella Hadid brings back a squall from the past— the Y2K low-rise jeans in 2022, once upon a time loved, then despised, and again admired. Surely trends have a way of returning. The love for jewelry remains prevalent with time.

Ear Earrings

Jewelry: Rochelle Pearl Drops Earrings | Dawn Black Onyx Talisman Ring | The Rococo Pearl Homage Necklace | Chorus Organic Pearl Necklace | Inés Gold Ring

Ear Earrings with dress

Jewelry: Daphine Onyx Talisman Ring | Talisman-de-Scorpione Necklace | Saturn Talisman Signet Ring | Vitoria Pearl Bracelet | Monique Gold Link Earrings | Armadillo Black Onyx Talisman Necklace

Ear Earrings with dress

Jewelry:Ocean's Link Necklace | Le Futur Link Gold Talisman Necklace | Retro Reverie Necklace | Soirée Necklace | Chloé Hoops Earrings

Don't miss out on the silver metals — Silver Jewelry holds a special place that conforms to every outfit. Zendaya defines refinement with a silver necklace, a must-have watch.

Ear Earrings with dress

Jewelry: Esme Silver Ring | Agni Silver Ring | Rocaille Silver Bracelet | Brigitte Gemstones Silver Link Bracelet | Elspeth Necklace | Le Futur Link Silver Talisman Necklace | Cleopatra Hoops Silver Earrings

Ear Earrings with dress

Jewelry: Maharaja Heritage Motif Luna Necklace | Astra Stud Earrings | Abril Ring | Esme Ring | The Flexi Mystic Bracelet | Retro Reverie Necklace

Ear Earrings with dress

Jewelry: Le Futur Link Gold Talisman Necklace | Paloma Gold Ring | Rocaille Gold Link Bracelet | Kratos Gemstones Talisman Ring | Scylla Ring | Monique Gold Link Earrings

Ear Earrings with dress

Jewelry:Pierre Talisman Ring | Inés Gold Ring | The Mystic's Link Bracelet | The Molden Rocks Multicolor Gemstone Amulet | The Cece Orbit Hoops Earring|  Osiris Illusion Bracelet Lucille Braided Amethyst Ring |

Ear Earrings with dress

Jewelry: Halo Braided Ring | Lava Crown Talisman Ring | Pearl Grotto Bracelet | Vivienne Pearl Hoops Earrings | The Lava Pearl Solitaire Talisman Necklace.

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