We all can use a good luck piece as much as the next person- and most of us rely on jewelry to bring us that courage, special hope and luck in life. This is why Talismans have never gone out of style. Their designs may have changed from simple to more intricate ones but the symbolism remains the same. We all want to enjoy a life of good fortune and security.
While some people believe more in the power of talismans than others - we at Mamour design Zodiac Heirloom Talismans that connects to our special soul spirit and offers us one or more of these qualities.These magic charms are as old as human civilization and are believed to be first used by the Egyptians. Ancient Egyptians used to put magical powers in Talismans and Amulets which were thought to be beneficial for the one possessing them, in warding off evil & bring in good luck.
Talisman jewelry has been worn for centuries, as a means of protection, luck, good fortune, and much more. Also known as amulets, totems, or good luck charms, talismans are worn to project one’s present feelings, as well as their hopes for the future.Gracefully inspired from treasured gold coins in the court of the medieval empire of ancient India, the pedants are a modern rendition of history and astrology.
Whether you seek wealth, love, success, or something else, there’s a piece of talisman jewelry that’s ideal for you


The inscription of the zodiac signs have meaningful references such as the passionate and audacious Aries leads life with a joie de vivre spirit.The pioneer of the zodiac wheel, you are courageous, honest, and driven.
Talisman-de-Ariete Necklace
The strong and independent Taurus is enchanted by comfort and ambition.The earth sign, represented by the bull signifies power and stability.

Geminis are the social butterflies of the zodiac: These quick-witted twins can talk to anyone about anything. The inquisitive and enchanting Gemini, symbolized by the celestial twins is constantly juggling so many passions, careers and friends.
Talisman-de-Gemelli Necklace
The tenacious and creative Cancer represented by the crab seamlessly exists between emotional and material realms. Highly sensitive and self-protective you represent kindness, comfort and are fiercely loyal.
Talisman-de-Gemelli Necklace
The confident and bold Leo with their exuberance, their presence can ‘light up’ any room. They have a majestic, fierce and dominant aura along with a warm sense of strength and compassion.
Talisman-de-Leone Necklace
The grounded and perfectionist Virgo, have an analytical, logical and organised approach that reflects in their life. Precision to details, loyalty and your supportive demeanour is the true essence of your personality.
Talisman-de-Gemelli Necklace
The kind and balanced Libra strive to create symmetry in all aspects of life and love to surround themselves in environments that reflect their exquisite tastes.
Talisman-de-Bilancia Necklace
The passionate and independent Scorpio is a powerhouse of persuasion, enigma and enticing energy.
The optimistic and philosophical Sagittarius is a natural explorer and is always on the quest for knowledge.
Talisman-de-Sagittario Necklace 
The ambitious and determined Capricorn, possess an inner state of independence that enables them to achieve what they set their mind to, both in their personal and professional life.
Talisman-de-Capricorno Necklace
The visionary and intellectual Aquarius with a humanitarian spirit aspires to change the world.
Represented by the water bearer, this mystical healer sign is a rebel at heart and a revolutionary thinker. The poetic and empathetic Pisces, ruled by Neptune that governs creativity and dreams, adores exploring their boundless imaginations.
Talisman-de-Pesci Necklace
In times of trouble or doubt, many of us reach for a good luck charm
People become superstitious when they have to face uncertainty in performance. A talisman can also be a tangible reminder of a culture visited, of a trip dreamed of before, during, and long after it happens. Our recycled jewelry collection means much more than adornment, it is imagined in and inspired by nature, both in aesthetics and environmental impact- each one eco consciously and uniquely created. It is a modern talisman designed to be collected and layered. With its protective element it would be the most perfect self-gift.
Mamour Paris creates sustainable Talismans in harmony with the man and the environment. made of recycled materials such as recycled brass, recycled/eco silver and recycled gold from certified mines. Each talisman, like a totem, carries with it special meaning.
Wear your Talismans close to your heart for good luck and as an expression of what makes you, so uniquely you.

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