Sustainability lies at the heart of Mamour’s most integral brand values and Our candid admiration of Mother Nature’s handiwork necessitates that we try our best to show respect to the natural world by acting responsibly, morally, and sustainably by reducing, reusing, and recycling. 

Our vision to champion sustainability is impelled by our belief in setting and achieving higher standards. We believe that through our approach to sustainability, we will be able to operate our business in a liable way by strengthening our environmental, social, and governance efforts consequently growing our position as a demi fine luxury jewellery brand to broadly and boldly benefit our company, customers, employees, and the society.

Sustainable Production

We strive to establish this by moving slowly towards an all-round 360° approach with the introduction of our eco-collections by using recycled silver and gold wherever and whenever possible and following the Sustainable Fashion Movement. We take it as our responsibility to ensure we achieve sustainable production. Hence, we have taken measures towards this.

These measures include:

Operating in line with the slow fashion movement and Ensuring that the quantity of stock at any one time is at a minimum.

Using sustainably produced packaging and using only recycled paper materials.

Use of recycled silver and recycled gold materials in the making of our creations.

Ethical Manufacturing

We aim at ensuring the welfare of our artisans and the production of superior-quality products. By monitoring closely how our pieces are made, we are conscious of ensuring that every aspect of our manufacturing process is respectful to both the environment and the people involved.

With all of our workshops being family run, we aim at encourage hand craftsmanship and learning and improving while retaining the family feel of our business.

Our Supplier and Workshops

With our aim at promoting ethical manufacturing, we strive at ensuring that our suppliers are following our footsteps by ensuring that they try to minimize their carbon footprint by incorporating more Eco-friendly materials in their products and packaging.

We monitor our suppliers closely to ensure that we hold them to the highest standards such as being members of the highest standards.

We conduct regular audits at all the manufacturing sites to ensure that we are duly informed about the production conditions consequently ensuring that they adhere to international ethics and standards.

As we do our best at ensuring that our products are of the highest quality, we make sure our handpicked gemstones are sourced those from reputable and ethical gemstone dealers.

Plastic-Free Approach

With the adverse impact caused by plastics in our oceans, we strictly monitor to ensure that we avoid plastics as much as by ensuring that we do not incorporate any single-use plastics in our production process.

Fair Trade

From a global perspective, for us, it is not just a matter of manufacturing and material procurement, but also a matter of “Course”. Therefore, we ensure global collaboration with our partners to facilitate transparency and long-term improvements for both man and the environment and ensure that all our employees are well compensated for their work.

We are indisputably against child labour. All our primary suppliers and partners must guarantee in writing that they do not engage in the commercial exploitation of children.