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Cosmic Wave Necklace

Taking us back to the pastel summers of the 1960s, Amalfi’s coral hues are a surreal daydream. Inspired by the subtle tints of the dreamlike villages along the Amalfi coasts; pearls, white as seafoam, lend the necklace its transparency. The peachy tint of the sunset sky, the gleaming blues of the wave’s crest, a hint of darkness of the deep oceans, and the lilac glow embodies the sea’s softness, the tones remind one of the iridescent shades and calm of the splashing waves. The necklace subtly displays an orchestra of semi-precious and precious stones like green amethyst, tiger’s eye, peach moonstones, amazonite Iridescent which exemplify the hypnotic reflections of the town’s architecture. The jewels enriched with the powers of healing, positivity, tranquility, and hope, play with the sea’s luster and give the Cosmic Wave necklace an energized aura and an mystical charm.

Necklace artisanally handcrafted using precious and semi precious stones like amazonite, peach moonstone, green amethyst and tiger's eye embedded between organic freshwater pearls.
Chain : 40cm

recycleSlow & Circular Approach

Our jewellery is made from 100% up-cycled and recycled brass, gold & silver. Following a non-seasonal approach, our creations are designed for a positive impact on people and the environment, embracing slow and circular luxury.

handmadeArtisanally & Responsibly Handmade

We envision our jewelry with a raw DNA to preserve it's artisanal essence and to treasure the spirit of our handcrafted modern heirlooms made by talented artisans with over decades of family legacy and expertise in jewellery making and craftsmanship.

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