Mamour Paris

Positano Bracelet

Handcrafted as a poem of colors of the precious tourmalines, bathed in coral pinks and healing greens, the tinted yellows, cloudy whites of freshwater pearls and the sapphire blues of the Mediterranean. The Positano bracelet features a splendid color palette of the tourmaline beads with all the hues to recall the stunning view of the elysian and picturesque villages bordering the Amalfi coast.

Artisanally handcrafted in various shades of tourmaline beads such as pink, blue, green and yellow tourmalines on a 18ct gold plated chain.
Length : 18cm with 3cm extender

Slow & Circular Approach

Our jewellery is made from 100% up-cycled and recycled brass, gold & silver. Following a non-seasonal approach, our creations are designed for a positive impact on people and the environment, embracing slow and circular luxury.

Artisanally & Responsibly Handmade

We envision our jewelry with a raw DNA to preserve it’s artisanal essence and to treasure the spirit of our handcrafted modern heirlooms made by talented artisans with over decades of family legacy and expertise in jewellery making and craftsmanship.

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